breadth [bredθ, bretθ] n
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: brede 'breadth' (11-19 centuries) (from Old English brAdu, from brad; BROAD1) + -th (as in length)]
1.) [U and C]
the distance from one side of something to the other
= ↑width
→↑broad, depth ↑depth, length ↑length breadth of
the breadth of the river
5 metres/3 feet etc in breadth
The boat measured fifteen feet in length and four feet in breadth.
2.) [U]
the quality of including a lot of different people, things, or ideas
→↑broad, depth ↑depth breadth of
The job wasn't giving him the breadth of experience he wanted.
His breadth of knowledge was amazing.
a politician known for his breadth of vision
We need to provide more breadth in the college curriculum.
→↑hair's breadth,the length and breadth of atlength

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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